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BetaBeat's proprietary blend of 24 powerful ingredients supports healthy blood sugar in normal ranges


BetaBeat supports healthy blood sugar levels with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients.


As a Gerontology teacher for 25 years, at the local University, Christian Patterson read an article written by Dr. Taylor explaining that doing so many things to reverse a Type II was pointless.

Dr. Alan Passmore specialized in Physiology and Biochemistry, and then worked for the Indian Army. He then received a promotion to Lieutenant-Colonel and also Director of the Nutritional Research Laboratories. Following that, he went to the UK and became an eminent Physiologist and researcher. He published a Seminal textbook entitled ‘Human Nutrition and Dietetics’, along with other scholarly papers.

These ceramides retain the toxic fats in the body, once those are eliminated, especially around the pancreas, the body is then able to resume the normal hormone production.

Dr. Passmore created a solution where the key ingredient will help eliminate the visceral fat and ceramides, but it also restarts the metabolism.


This solution, when taken for 180 days speeds up the metabolism, helps eliminate the visceral fats and toxins and regain energy and a zest for life. The solution is all natural and contains powerful ingredients such as:

* Maca Root > Boosts Your Energy;

* Guarana > Stimulates Your Metabolism;

* Grape Seeds > Supports Your Heart;

* African Mango > Fat Burning Agent;

* Ginseng > Supports Healthy Blood Glucose;

* Astragalus > Heart Health & Longevity Agent;

* Coleus > Fat Burning Aid;

The BetaBeat, when taken routinely will help increase the energy levels and boost the metabolism over a 12 hour period. When this cycle is repeated daily over a period of time, they say you will feel like a different person entirely.

These ingredients are all natural, all plant-based, non-GMO, non-habit forming and contain no stimulants.

The product is made in a sterile facility that is state of the art, FDA registered and also GMP certified.


Christian Patterson has such high confidence in the supplement there is a 60 day money back guarantee offered. If you are not satisfied by 60 days, simply request a refund and no questions will be asked.


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